Customer Happiness



Dr. Shivani Khapli
Good variety in designs, nice service & no confusion in billing.

Sangeeta Rao
Nice designs, very good, co-operating service

Ankita Vivekanad Patil
It was great! Nice designs & wonderful interior. Keep it up!

Milind Ghoting
Nice, new décor & courteous staff

S. S. Dabhale
I come here every year as this place gives me 100% trust & guarantee of the gold.

J. K. Patnaik
I am an old customer addicted the the excellent service here. The staff is highly courteous & rates are genuine. I just cannot go to any other jeweler.

Abhishek Kulkarni
Very good range & suitable for all types of choices. Thanks.

G. G. Nayak
Chintamanis is done up so well that one feels like coming again & again. It is 'Golden', figuratively.

Narayan Sakpal
Chintamnis has given us good service & we have decided to invest in gold from here in future too.

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Anita Khose
Good service. Thanks a lot for your co-opertaion. We are happy as we get our engagement rings as per our wish. Thank you again. Regards.

Dr. Seema Das
Good service. Dependable. I always buy all gold, diamonds from here only.

Mrs. Shailaja Patwardhan
Very good service. We have been your clients from 1976 & will like to continue in future. Wish you all the best for future expansion

Santosh R. Parab
Service – Good
Ambiance – 100% excellent
Staff service excellent
Design – very good

Suresh Dhumale
Excellent service, attention to detail& consistent beyond expectations. Great job. Keep it up.

Mitali A. Rawool
Great collection. Amazing staff. Thank you!

U. D. Nanaware
Service – excellent
Hearty congratulations on all the precious awards. Staff is very nice.

Vishali Sanghvi
Greta service & very quick to customer's response. Keep it up!

Nitin P. Desai
Excellent service. Loving staff & no difference in the warmth over the years. Keep going.

Kanchan Gaikwad
Service & explanation by the staff is very good. Will visit again.