I Customer Happiness I


Dr. Shivani Khapli

Good variety in designs, nice service & no confusion in billing.

Sangeeta Rao

Nice designs, very good, co-operating service

Ankita Vivekanad Patil

It was great! Nice designs & wonderful interior. Keep it up!

Milind Ghoting

Nice, new décor & courteous staff

S. S. Dabhale

I come here every year as this place gives me 100% trust & guarantee of the gold.

J. K. Patnaik

I am an old customer addicted the the excellent service here. The staff is highly courteous & rates are genuine. I just cannot go to any other jeweler.

Abhishek Kulkarni

Very good range & suitable for all types of choices. Thanks.

G. G. Nayak

Chintamanis is done up so well that one feels like coming again & again. It is 'Golden', figuratively.

Narayan Sakpal

Chintamnis has given us good service & we have decided to invest in gold from here in future too.

Baburao Shinde

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Anita Khose

Good service. Thanks a lot for your co-opertaion. We are happy as we get our engagement rings as per our wish. Thank you again. Regards.

Dr. Seema Das

Good service. Dependable. I always buy all gold, diamonds from here only.

Mrs. Shailaja Patwardhan

Very good service. We have been your clients from 1976 & will like to continue in future. Wish you all the best for future expansion

Santosh R. Parab

Service – Good
Ambiance – 100% excellent
Staff service excellent
Design – very good

Suresh Dhumale

Excellent service, attention to detail& consistent beyond expectations. Great job. Keep it up.

Mitali A. Rawool

Great collection. Amazing staff. Thank you!

U. D. Nanaware

Service – excellent
Hearty congratulations on all the precious awards. Staff is very nice.

Vishali Sanghvi

Greta service & very quick to customer's response. Keep it up!

Nitin P. Desai

Excellent service. Loving staff & no difference in the warmth over the years. Keep going.

Kanchan Gaikwad

Service & explanation by the staff is very good. Will visit again.

Mrs. Mary Johnson

Very polite & well mannered staff. The staff is very well trained in convincing the customers or buy/ exchange offers, thereby increasing the sale. Very positive in nature.

Malti Laxman Bhat

Very good service, also provide excellent information of the product.

Jyoti Sangtani

Salesperson was too good, sweet & co-operative. Infact entire staff was very helpful, it is our first visit to your shop & we intend to become a life member.

Deborah Dias

Fantastic customer service as compared to Tanishq. Very good offer given. Patience in handling customer. Customer get fully satisfied

Namita Naren

Good services, excellent variety with good finishing.

Sushma Aggarwal

You have got wonderful & variety of designs awesome.

Sheetal Shah

Very good collection

Aditya Sahasrabuddhe

Superb store, nice collection of jewellery. Keep it up.

Sachi Sharma

It was really a pleasure to visit your showroom . Your staff is very good in nature & cooperative. I am your client for last 16 years and found improvement on every visit.

Jagdish J Sinkal

Chintamanis shop has a very good & niche collection of jewellery.

Akhila Vivekanand Patil

It was great experience and you have very nice designs.

Suchita Bandivdekar

Excellent customer service. Good collections.


( Borivali Store )

The attention given to the customer is very good.

Vishal Vijay Ghag

( Borivali Store )

Very very good service. Very sharp & co-operative staff.

Mrs. Shradha S Palshetkar

( Borivali Store )

Felt nice after visiting, Chintamanis designs were good.

R. h. Danane

( Borivali Store )

Delightful experience. We always buy from Chintamanis. It is trustworthy.

Sonali .H. Vyas

( Borivali Store )

Had a relaxing experience since the staff was extremely helpful & co-operative.

Sanjay S Parab

( Borivali Store )

Staff is very co-operative, always welcome with a smile, very polite & customer friendly, understand client requirements very well & guide them accordingly. Wish them all very best luck.

D .R. Chaudhari

( Vasai Store )

You have a nery nice collection.

Manpreet Kaur

( Vasai Store )

Unique design in traditional and contemporary jewellery.

Denzil Dcruz

( Vasai Store )

Good collection, can have more Modern Mangalsutra.

Ketaki Kelkar

( Vasai Store )

Very friendly staff, excellent designs.