Diamonds - Purity in Priceless Sparkles

Akin to the twinkling stars dotted in the mesmerising night sky, diamonds add that dazzle on earth through you. The 'Diamond' derives it's name originally from the Greek word 'adámas', meaning 'unbreakable', simply because it is the toughest stone found in nature. Diamond is one of the most desired gems around the world since many eons & rightly so. The alluring charm which these little slivers of heaven possess, allows the wearer to be exceptionally ravishing & be the centre of everyone's undivided attention. And for the romantic ones, diamond jewellery is a promise of pure, eternal love.


Coveted by many since the 15th Century, Diamond jewellery always makes the wearer distinctively ethereal from among the rest.


While on the search for the perfect diamond jewellery for your beloved, always keep in mind the cardinal 4 C's - Cut, Clarity, Colour & Carat. The Cut represents quality of workmanship & angles, Clarity for presence or absence of inclusions (internal defects), Colour for purity, the finest being colourless & finally, Carat for weight & mass of the diamond.


If you think that is a hassle but still want the best for your dearest, come over to Chintamanis to get unparalleled Diamond Jewellery. From traditional to conventional, the array of designs will certainly have your beau elevated to cloud 9, right among the stars.


Diamond Jewellery @ Chintamanis

From resplendent pendants, stunning bracelets, dazzling earings to glorious rings, our diamond jewellery is very mesmerising. Set in yellow gold, white gold & in platinum, our designs are a benchmark of magnificence. While some designs are exclusive diamond vintage, the aura of some designs is accentuated with rubies and emeralds. All diamonds in our every piece of jewellery are certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI).