Engagement Jewellery

Engagement is the day when a promise is made for the start of a beautiful, everlasting relationship, witnessed by loved ones & sealed with elegant rings. An engagement is certainly a milestone to cherish. The joy of getting engaged has always belied & centred in those little rings, sitting comfortably on the couple's fingers, as if to possess the vows & love. Engagement rings eternalise the declaration of love and stand testimony to the holy spirit of union.
The promise of a bond for life.
Engagement jewellery can be simple & elegant or can be splendid & striking. Gold rings, traditionally, have been preferred in India but today, for many young couples, diamond rings & platinum love bands are becoming increasingly popular.


Engagement Jewellery @ Chintamanis

To match your excitement and happiness, we have an exquisite range of engagement jewellery that is quintessentially exclusive. Crafted in pure gold and platinum, are the designs that radiant out cheerfulness and excitement - some steeped in tradition and some fresh with contemporary preferences. And for couples seeking high end exclusivity is the Forevermark engagement jewellery.