Forevermark Diamonds - A Mark of Quality

Forevermark – The world’s most carefully selected diamonds.
Forevermark diamonds are genuine, untreated and natural, their beauty unleashed by master craftsmen using skill and artistry passed down through generations.  As part of the De Beers group of companies, Forevermark benefits from 125 years of diamond expertise. Experts at the Forevermark Diamond Institute carefully inspect every diamond, going beyond the technical qualities of the 4Cs to hand-pick only those diamonds that are truly beautiful.Of all the world’s diamonds, less than one percent is eligible to become Forevermark.


Sourcing & Sorting
Found in the depths of the earth, every polished Forevermark diamond starts out as an ancient mineral that is sourced from only a handful of carefully selected mines. To be selected as a Forevermark source, each mine must meet the highest business, social and environmental standards. After acquiring the rough diamonds from an approved source, Forevermark Diamantaires sort them, using great skill acquired over years of training to select only those diamonds of the highest quality to become Forevermark.


After the highest quality rough diamonds have been selected by a Forevermark Diamantaire, master craftsmen use skills passed down through generations to cut and polish each diamond, releasing its brilliance and life. The way a diamond is cut and polished will determine how much it sparkles. The process of adding every facet takes time and patience; the slightest mistake can reduce a diamond’s inner fire. A Forevermark diamond must be crafted to a cut grade of Very Good or higher, so the craftsmen must use their expertise to ensure each diamond is created within these strict parameters. By unleashing the life in the diamond, they create a unique masterpiece in every one.


Once a diamond has been cut and polished, it is sent to the Forevermark Diamond Institute. Here, our experts carefully evaluate every diamond, going beyond the technical 4Cs criteria to hand select only the most beautiful diamonds to become Forevermark. The end result is that Forevermark diamonds are the world’s most carefully selected diamonds.


Forevermark Diamond @ Chintamanis
We have crafted in a space to deliver an experience that is as beautiful and rare as Forevermark Diamonds are. Adorned with conspicuous exclusivity, the ‘Forevermark Diamond’ lounges at our Prabhadevi & Goa stores are environments nourished with copious amounts of indulgence. Our lounges are ‘pure souls’ that are recommended for those wishing for an experience like none other.


About Forevermark
Forevermark is part of the De Beers group of companies, benefitting from over 120 years of diamond expertise. Established in 1888, De Beers is the world's leading diamond company, with unrivaled expertise in the exploration, sourcing and marketing of diamonds.