Gems & Pearls - Prized Collectibles from Nature

Colourful gems & pearls
A dash of colour, a dash of sparkle & a whole lot of bedazzling aura, gems & pearls complement your persona with panache. Found from the depths of earth & oceans, these captivating gems & lustrous pearls hold high value & are used to grace gold, silver and other metal based jewellery. They are an imperative part of jewellery compositions as they supplement to the aesthetics of the design & enhance the jewellery by lending it a grand & magnificent charm. The use of pearls & gemstones in jewellery dates back to several centuries & even to this day, bear enormous significance in the Indian culture & in cultures the world around.


Quality natural pearls are very rare to find, whose valuation is determined through many aspects including size, shape, color, quality of surface, orient and lustre. Gemstones are painstakingly extracted from the lands & then are made to undergo processes to turn 'rocks into gems', so to speak. And from these, select few are used to embellish & engrave in the curves & edges of the jewellery.


Gems & Pearl Jewellery @ Chintamanis

Befitting the colourful sparkle of gemstones and the virgin radiance of pearls is our jewellery, each piece soaked in opulence & grandeur. All the gems & pearls used are certified by Gemological Institute of India.
Gems & Pearl Jewellery offer a scintillating combination of elegance and opulence.