I Navrang : A Devotion To Durga & Her Roopas In This World I

Navrang is an initiation of Chintamanis in association with Mahrashtra Times. A celebration dedicated to Goddess Durga & Women.

Navrang 2011, celebrating the Navratri festival, marked the start of the wonderful association between Chintamanis and Mahrashtra Times. In the year 2011 we at Chintamanis celebrated Navratri with the meticulously planned event ‘Navrang’, in association with Maharashtra Times. Navratri is the nine-day celebration and worship of Goddess Durga, the female energy and power. At this time women love to dress up in a different colour on each of the nine days, namely Blue, Yellow, Green, Grey, Orange, White, Red, Purple and Pink, representing the nine forms of the Goddess.

The response to this fest was overwhelming. Lakhs of women participated with gusto. Decked up in their finest, they sportingly vied for an opportunity to be featured in Maharashtra Times.

On this momentous occasion, Chintamanis launched an exclusive collection of specially crafted jewellery inspired by Navadurga. A few of these exquisite pieces have been showcased below.


Loksatta Thane 28th Sept 2011

Loksatta Thane 1st Oct 2011

Loksatta Thane 6th Oct 2011

The designs were much lauded & very much appreciated by everyone & the promotional event by Chintamanis was grand success! Surely ingrained in everyone's minds for years to come.
The groups of the ravishing Ladies who had sent in their images, their presence & enthusiasm had earned them a chance to be featured on Maharashtra Times, surely must have become the talk of the town instantly!
We would like to take a moment to thank all the Women who made Navrang come alive with their participation.



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