I Systematic Jewellery Purchase Plan I

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1. All customers are advised to read and comply with the terms and conditions.
2. No 'Membership Fee' required.
3. Payment of 1st Installment by Cash, Credit Card or Online only (No Cheque Payment).
4. Monthly installment is to be paid on or before 10th of every month, in order to avoid late maturity.
5. Payment received after 10th, for every one late, maturity period will be extended by one month only one time.
6. On second late payment, your purchase order will be cancelled and whatever advance amount paid, you can buy the jewellery against the order for the same value without getting any discount in making/wastage.
7. Balance payment can be by Cash, Credit/Debit Card, Post Dated cheques, Online, NEFT or any mode. Collection charges will be levied on outstation cheques.
8. Payment received in installment will be treated as an 'Advance against order for purchase of jewellery'.
9. For any prematurity/ pre-closure of order given, members will be allowed to purchase upto the amount deposited till date, in the form of jewellery at the gold rate declared by GJF on the day of purchases and no discount in making /wastage will be allowed.
10. Flat Discount on all purchases during the scheme period will be allowed on making or wastage as per category of members.
11. Scheme benefits cannot be clubbed with any other scheme. In such case, maximum of any one will be allowed.
12. Cash refund (during or after the scheme) will not be allowed under any circumstances,
13. Making or wastage, Stone Charges and VAT, etc. will be charged as applicable.
14. One has to close by purchases at the end of scheme period. Late purchases are not allowed after the maturity.
15. We reserve the right to alter, amend, add or delete part or whole of the privileges of the scheme without prior notice
16. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of the court at Mumbai, Maharashtra

1. CHINTAMANIS JEWELLERS ARCADE PRIVATE LIMITED (CJAPL) is a company incorporated under the Companies Act,1956 having it's registered office at 301, Suraj Vista, Kashinath Dhuru Marg, Prabhadevi, Dadar (W), Mumbai – 40 025, hereinafter referred as SELLER, which expression shall unless repugnant to context or meaning there of be deemed to mean and include it's successors, liquidators and permitted assigns.
2. The first and the second applicant in the above purchase order, hereinafter jointly referred to as "the purchaser" which expression unless repugnant to the context or meaning there of be deemed to mean and include his/her/their heirs. Executors. Administrations and the permitted assigns.
3. The following resident person shall be eligible to sign the purchase contract with the seller
  a) An adult individual who is a citizen of India or
  b) Hindu undivided family through its karta either or jointly with another adult member.
4. Balance Payment (if any) shall be made in cash or by account payee cheques/drafts favoring "Chintamanis Jewelers Arcade Pvt.Ltd." Payable at Mumbai
5. Completion of the contract : Under this contract, the property in goods shall pass to the purchaser only on filling conditions (unless otherwise mutually agreed between the parties) Payment of installment within the due as specified. Completion of the contract period as agreed On physical delivery of jewellery to the buyer by the seller.
6. Nomination : The purchaser shall have a right to nominate any person to received jewellery specified in the purchase order at the end of scheme period The nomination shall be valid only if the nomination is in writing and registered with CJAPL In the absence of valid nomination and on death of the purchaser, CJAPL shall deliver the Jewellery to legal heir(s) of the purchaser after due verification and after completion of such legal requirement as may be necessary.
7. General The above contract is as contract under Indian Contract Act.1872 and shall be subject to Mumbai jurisdiction The contract is contract for the purchase of Jewellery at the end of specific period and in consideration on payment in installment as agreed and mentioned in the contract herein above. The purchases shall appear before the government authorities as and when required, to confirm the payment of amount mentioned in the contract herein above. This contract shall not come into force until signed by both the parties and the first installment is paid by the buyer.
8. In the construction of the terms and conditions, unless the context otherwise requires
  a. Word importing
    I. The singular numbers shall include the plural number and vice versa and
    II. One gender will include any gender.
  b. The head used shall have the same meaning as defined in the order.
  c. The headings are inserted for convenience only and shall not affect its construction or interpretation.
  d. Reference to any statute or statutory provision shall be constructed as reference to such statue or statutory amended or re-enacted or as their operation is modified by any other statue or statutory provision, whether before or after the date of this purchase order and shall include any provision of which there are re-enactment. Whether with or without modification, and shall include subordinate legislation under the relevant statute.
9. Transfer/ Assignment of Right
This purchase contract is a personal one between CJAPL and the purchaser and CJAPL/purchaser has no interest assignable equity or at the law in this contract
No monetary obligation of the purchaser under this contract may be offset with claims against CJAPL. CJAPL's assignees or predecessors –in-title or successors-on-title
The purchaser will not have any claim or right on assets of CJAPL or its directors, except to the consideration on the contract
The contract shall be a non-transferable specific delivery contract.
10. Notice
Any notice/letter to be given by the purchaser to CJAPL shall be delivered at the registered office. CJAPL any notice letter etc. required or permitted to be given to the purchaser under this contract shall be deemed to have been validity given if served personally on the purchaser or sent to him by the ordinary post at the address of the purchaser stated in this agreement or at the purchaser's or last known address as informed to CJAPL.
11. Force majeure
In the event of force majeure, CJAPL will be absolved of any additional liability to the purchaser. In such case CJAPL shall issue necessary communication to the purchaser within 60days from the confirmation of event of force majeure either in cash or in gold at average market rate determined under this contract till the date of confirmation of event of force majeure or in any Combination thereof, at the sole discretion of CJAPL.

I/We agree to sign such documents and do all such other acts and deeds as may be necessary on my/our part relating to this purchase order to enable Chintamani Jewellery Arcade Pvt. Ltd. To complete the same. I/We hereby note that order without assigning any reasons whatsoever.