Jadau Jewellery - Own a piece of royalty

Jadau jewllery is also known as Engraved jewellery.
Indigenous to the Mughal era but honed by the skilled craftsmen of India for many years, the Jadau is indeed one of the jewelleries, cherished even to this day. Now created in the beautiful & colourful lands of Rajasthan & Gujarat, the intricate craft has been passed down to generations, who effortlessly reflect the beauty of the land & culture in the impressive jewellery. Prepared in gold, each piece of Jadau jewellery is painstakingly hand crafted and is graced with engraved gems & stones. The uncut stones known as Polki or Vilandi, are usually conspicuously placed, giving the Jadau its ethnic touch & royalty. With its signature traditional designs, Jadau is an exceptional piece of jewellery that will surely make you stand out among the rest. That’s we say: own Jadau Jewellery and own a piece of royalty.
Once worn exclusively by the Mughal royalty & nobles, Jadau has transcended time & is now a vintage fashion statement that every woman would love to possess.

Jadau Jewellery @ Chintamanis

When you feel like adorning yourself like a Mughal Maharani of an epoch gone by, head over to Chintamanis and treat yourself to the essence of Jadau, with our Chintamanis Jadau Collection. At the exclusive Bridal Jadau Jewellery Lounge at our Prabhadevi store, be welcomed by intricate designs reminiscent of rich royalty infused with today's aesthetics. The South Indian Jadau Jewellery, our unique speciality, will make you feel like a royal bride. Intricate sets, to rings, bangles, and limited edition collections, will make you feel very special. Time to celebrate & beckon the inner Maharani in you!